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Why Do They Bother?

I have posted @vanessahudgens (disappointed in her)

Dripping in blood, acting like a drunk demon to CHRIST-mas music and TikTok, Instagram and Facebook had no problem. Underage girls put their "thirst traps" up everyday for these poor helpless hormonial boys and the "auto security" of these apps have no issue with that due to it not being programmed have issue BUT

I post a couple days of bible verses and I get blacklisted.

If you are still asleep and do not see the reality of this world that has been overrun by pathetic little demons, then maybe you are one of them

This is what black listing looks like or being blocked from your content being shown to others and content being shown to you.

Walmart now owns @tiktok btw and that camera technology is now in ALL of their stores.

(Glueck's statement also said TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, will “have no ownership” over TikTok Global. ... Americans will be the majority and ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global,” Glueck's statement said. Meanwhile, ByteDance said Monday it will own about an 80% stake in TikTok)

They say Walmart owns 20%. This make any sense?

It seems as if we will ALL be leaving social media before 2021 is up.

It truly has lost its purpose and has now laid the foundation to be like our friends in the East. #WeChat #FyaH #ThankJaHForLife #ManMustWork #Autonomy #PurgeDemJahJaH #TimeToLive

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