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Land of T & T

Greetings Kings and Queens of Earth,

In the midst of the corruption from my beautiful twin islands Trinidad and Tobago, peace must be discovered internally by all inhabitants, so it can be shown externally. The Venezuelans needs to adapt to OUR way of life. They need to know their role and stay in their lane or be sent back to their failed country where they came from. They failed because they allowed the CIA in. The #American government destabilizes countries for their own gain, the truth continues to be shown. They seem to have an ego problem. They seek to control the minds of Earth. Just as the peasant #Queen of #England seeks to control the hearts Earth. Just as The 2 #Jesuit #Zionist Popes seek to control the souls of Earth.

If the #Trinidadian government thinks they are as organized as the #Babylonian system, then they are living an illusion. We see through your tom foolery. They lack the wisdom to rule over anyone, far less themselves. Their houses are crumbling and lives being exposed. All will be held accountable due their crimes against humanity. They have no education or training as children to rule over a nation. How dare they feel they are capable. Be gone with your #peasantry.

The government has been infiltrated by serpents and greedy uneducated peasants. What once was the happiest place on Earth, has become barren, tortured, raped and robbed of her glory. The people no longer know their culture. Where they came from, how they got there, why they are there and where they are going.

Trinbagonians, dare not follow the uneducated fools of the Western World. Our culture is from the ancient traditions of Eastern philosophies. The Western World has ruined peace and security with their egoical mind sets and lustful acts of slackness and ignorance.

Trinidad and Tobago was once the Garden of Eden and the demonic serpents have come to take the light from our home. Take back your power Trinidad and Tobago. Bring back the magik that we once had. For there is NO place on Earth like Trinidad and Tobago. Though many other nations have attempted to copy others, we are often mimicked yet never replicated.

The shape shifters come with their false agendas and lying lips, spewing poison from their slippery forked tongue. Fyah Bun the government of my country to ash. They will all be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. They will all bend their knee to The Most High JaH. For they have all lost their way. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall tell. It was written.

The children are having children and the fathers are being seduced by the jezebel spirit that roams and attacks freely. No protection against these demons due to lack of faith, knowing and education. We as a Nation must stand together. "Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve".

Eradicate your ignorance and bring back the full joy of ACCEPTANCE and GRATITUDE. For we as a nation and Tribe have had it so good at one point, yet the evil was allowed in by those who rule over the nation. Eye and Eye chop off heads of serpents on a daily basis. I state this now and forever more. "The devil is not welcome on our land anymore, nor here on Earth".

So into the bottomless pit you go Lucifer, for your time is done. 1000 years will be over in a blink of an eye. The souls that have caused the destruction of my homeland, they will be served up on a silver platter and handed over to their master to join him with his sentencing. Again, ALL WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their thoughts and actions.

Put your faith in The Most High and know that only through the power of The Supreme Source Creator may we take back our "Land of T & T".in other news, take a listen to the 226th Lion of JudaH's new 2020 release below. (See Attached)

Blessings pon Blessings and I hope everyone has a safe carnival season and enjoys the comedic, yet vibesy cross over j'ouvert vibe that can be listened to from the attached link.…/officiallionofjudah/land-of-t--t-2…

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