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Direct From JaH

When one has a direct connection to The Most High, they become blessed with the eyes to see the most low. Their vision changes to see truth that was never seen before. It's as if they have awoken from a slumber of pain, torment, lies and deceit to see through it all and rise above the weak.

When laser focus and precision is directed towards JaH, he then puts the spotlight on you. Not for everyone to see but for those who have had their eyes washed in the blood of Christ.

It takes strength to deal with ignorance and stupidity of mankind. It takes a solid level of peace and a calm internal guidance system to navigate through the muddied waters of this Earth and manipulated hu-man emotion.

The ego has been fed so many lies by those who have the power to reach the physical ends of this Earth. Evil men have poisoned the minds of so many in the name of greed and sinister trickery.

Through entertainment, the mind is open to accept what it is shown and for the movies that show perverse and sullied motives of man, they already know what catastrophic effects it has on our children and the weaker minded men and womb-men of Earth who do not know any better due to circumstance.

What they never counted on was the power of JaH. They believed that they can turn humanity away from the creator when The Almight is always 1000 steps ahead of his creations. The same perfect angel that was cast down with his gang of misfits believed that he himself could sit upon a throne and be worshipped, as we worship JaH. He has fooled so many of this Earth. He has caused so much pain and malevolence within hu-manity.

All in the name of being selfish, slithery, manipulative and controlling. For when people seek to control others, that is Lucifer himself within them, for they lack the knowledge of what it means to walk with Christ.

When people of the light see this, they have a free will choice. To rebuke the energy out of them and extend their time to help advance those who have been caught in the snare of darkness or to turn the other cheek and allow another to do the work that God has made them aware to do

It is time to rebuild love



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