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Ego Vs Soul

You have all ventured my way for one reason and one reason only. You may not know this #reason yet, but that's okay. When the #synchronicities start to become apparent, and you become aware of them. Only then, will your life change for the better. I beg you to read what I have to say with an open mind, cast no judgement, as I have cast no judgement upon you. I know not of the life you have lived and you know nothing of mine. But we can all agree, it has not been an easy road. Until now, atleast for me. We all have that feeling deep down inside, that #somethingisnotright. For some, it may be more apparent than others. If we were to take our heads out of our phones and actually see the world around us. Turn off the television, radios, computers, and go for a walk. Talk to random strangers, meet new people. One can see how beautiful the world truly is. One can leave #judgment behind and fear of being judged, to be free again.


That nasty feeling of #anxiety, #uneasiness, and #stress still resides in every one of us. But it can be dealt with very easily. We have to know where it is coming from. Our beautiful #planet is dying, and the only one to blame, is us. Yes; You. Though you may #think you are not to blame, but the problem lies within all of us. Before you get all angry for no reason and throw a fit, take a deep breath and let me explain to you what you are refusing to see. Remember, it's not your fault. It is your #conditioning. But if you want to change that, continue to read.

The biggest and probably the ONLY main problem with #humanity as a whole today, is our #ego. Yes, we all have one. And yes we are all part of humanity, if you are a human, you don't get to chose if you are part of it or not. You did not have the choice to be born, but you do have the choice to be born again. Now to understand what I am telling you, you need to understand what the ego is. It just so happens, I'm going to explain it to you. I try to explain things as if a four year old can understand. This way, there is no #confusion, #miscommunication, or #negative #connotations attached to my #explanations. The ego is ultimately ones #opinion of themself. Before I can go further, I must explain the word opinion. An opinion is a #false #truth. Therefor; a #lie. For there are many truths in different scenarios, but inevitably, there is only the one truth. So when we human beings have #dogmatic opinions of ourselves. We are lying to ourselves and believing our own lies. I like to call this a #Diabolic way of thinking. Diabolic has nothing to do with the devil as this twisted English language has made you to believe. The original Greek and Latin translation means “tearing apart.” Diablo and Diabolic are two very different terms. Now you can see where the corruption lies in this language and in the churches that preach misinformation. There is no devil in Greek mythology, so one must ask a question. Why instill all this fear into the hearts of the young? Why give a word a meaning that is not the truth? How can we trust someone who lies to us? Topic for another post? :)


Would you believe me if I were to tell you the hardest language to learn on this plane is English? Funny, I know. But, it's the truth. All these things have a #purpose. Getting back on point, with our #chaotic thought process. This in turn, feeds your ego, because your ego is very aware of what it's doing and it is a hungry monster. #Selfish, #greedy, #manipulative, #negative #powerful, and it makes us #weak. Just as we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. We have the ego and the soul. Our souls get energy from love and from our creator. Once your mind is free from ego, and it is a task to do this every day. We learn to allow the love to flow in from the source. I would like to divert to what I mentioned earlier. Subconscious and conscious being two separate entities. Bruce Lipton explains that in our years from 0 to 6, we are the most impressionable. We are sponges just soaking up as much information that we can handle. Our surroundings have a huge contributing factor to this. So as many can see, children who have grown up with loving relationships, integrity, morals, and spiritual environment, usually turn out full of love. Those brought up in a less fortunate environment tend have a negative lifestyle and resonate with lower vibrating energies. Of course there are the few that will stop at nothing to show love and their life does a complete role reversal. With that in mind, here's an example. When you drive your car, you are actually not driving. Your conscious mind is busy thinking of all the worries you have. What's for dinner? I have so much work to do tomorrow? I'm hungry now? I wonder what Ted is doing? I need to text him. So if you’re conscious mind is doing all this, who is driving the car? Well you’re subconscious of course. You automatically press brakes, press gas, indicator on. It's been preconditioned into your mind of how to drive. This is the truth, and this is scientific fact. I highly recommend Bruce Lipton's work. This particular information was in my favourite book for his series, the Honeymoon Effect.


So now we have a deeper understanding of how we actually work as human beings in a mind, body and soul. We can easily change all of our conditioning by doing one thing. Live in the now. It's as simple as silencing your brain. Becoming aware of your bad habits from conditioning, that are not even your own habits in the first place. Bruce Lipton and millions of others have done this, including me. Everyone can do this. But you need to want to change and come to terms with the battle of the ego and the soul. I've attached a picture to show you how simple the world really is. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this and I am but a message away if you have any questions or ideas. My next post will be about meditation. Meditation is the secret to awakening the mind and unlocking the secrets of our soul. I hope you enjoyed this and it would mean the world to me if you can share please. Let's help everyone gain the same knowledge so we can all become the wiser. Can you imagine a world with like-minded individuals working together with love for the greater good? Sounds a bit like heaven on earth to me. I love you all. This is the truth. For your truth is my truth as my truth is your truth. There is only #ONE truth. Which is the #ONLY Truth. That is everyone's truth. One Love. One heart. One life. One world.

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