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Pause to Contemplate

It is good when one sits in silence to contemplate, comprehend and conclude situations that may arise. To do so without involvement of the ego is a task not many are capable of completing with ease. For they have yet to fully #KnowThyself

Our experience only allows us to see things through the eyes of pain and joy which in turn relate to one's feelings about something.

To be mentored by elders who teach through parables and wisdom, only then can the individual overstand the experiences of past and where they all initiated from. #TheSelf

Everything outside is from the inside self. Every reality which is perceived by the self is manifested and created by the mind. The subconscious mind is so powerful and in turn detrimental to many when not fully understood.

For instance, a fear that has been introduced by an outside source can now become the reality of the individual unconsciously. The entire imagined and perceived illusionary reality becomes a 3-Dimensional reality due to the thoughts in the mind's analysis. The actions or reactions taken because of those initial (feelings and emotions) are the reason 100% of humanity is continually destroying the good things in their life. It all branches from fear. Lack of control.

When JaH is at the foundation and at the core of one's fundamental value system, there is no fear allowed to #fester nor exist. For with JaH ALL things are possible and fear of the unknown transmute to comfort in KNOWING that JaH will and forever be in control of ALL. The good and the bad.

Love and boundaries are not something that go hand in hand. So they become separate. Love is unconditional because the love of JaH is unconditional. Only in solitude may one discover true love of everything on this Earth, for they have taken the time to discover the greatest truth of all. One's self. Look within, seek and ye shall find. It is an ever changing universe within the hearts of all mankind. We can see their face and now we can see their hearts. #NoFear

- @dunphotoz


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