C o n t a c t

Please feel free to contact The Lion with a brief message of love if you are ever in need of guidance. Please be patient in your quest for knowledge.

Thank you for reaching out to me. Your message is very important to me and I will reply to you, as soon as I can take the time to reply fully. Until then. There is work to be done. Blessed Love

In the travels to the four corners of Earth. The Lion has come across the most amazing and beautiful of people. When the Lion needs to #RockBack and #Meditate, he always is sure to hail up his Lion Beach Bummers Fl.


When he needs a top quality videographer and photographer he reaches out to his Tampa Lion's Dun Photo Studios and Camirror.

When In Trinidad and Tobago - EnergyMediaTT - Jono

When In Grand Cayman - Friends and Frames

When the Lion is in need of top quality screen print, design and artwork he reaches out to Islands In The Sun and Rohshan Art. 

When the Lion seeks protection and strength, he seeks JaH! In order to silence the mind and allow the soul to speak, one must practice their knowledge. They must master their mind. Master their body and allow the soul to lead. For we are infinite beings having a human experience. The finite mind cannot over stand the infinite. The soul is energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. So discover the truth and study the works, with an open mind. Put the puzzle pieces where they fit and not where one may want them to fit. The book of law is for the unrighteous. The righteous walk with JaH. Here is an excellent compilation of works that can help one discover the truth, for nothing is as it seems. Let us live in love once we discover the truth of this realm.


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