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Satan Going Down at #FunZLand, Matura, Trinidad and Tobago @EnergyMediaTT

As we continue to prepare for the rapture. (Yes your dreams are VERY real) JaH is awakening those who truly believe. Not everyone gets the visions and not everyone gets the sight but there are those who see and hear for they have been called by The Most High. The truth shall only be prevalent to those who seek it and it shows, many do not seek, therefore they cannot find. Trials and tribulations are necessary in the ending of this old Earth template. For #Heaven and Earth to become one, the old must FULLY fall away. As if the old energy is swallowed up by Mother Gaia. The old way of the serpent will not and cannot work for our children. It never has, yet they did a good job of hiding it from you.

These psychopaths that YOU voted for and YOU put into power are destroying our beautiful plane of existence and they are hell bent on global domination as they believe they are more powerful than The Almighty YHWH. There attempts are futile. It sickens me to see the ignorance and stupidity of man when we are ALL made in the image and likeliness of JaH.

The spiritual essence of our creation is of his strength. The physical water that makes up 75% of hu-man kind was the first thing ever created on Earth. The dirt that has been cast around the water to solidify our temple was the LAST part of the process. The is a universe of Space-Time-MATTER.

The ego has failed and there are so many that continue to grasp onto it as if it will save them when in reality, they are drowning in their own sorrows. You are not happy while children are being raped, tortured and killed. You cannot be happy by ignoring the facts of life. You have been disillusioned by lies and put into a slumber. #WakeUpTT Sadly, you have dug your own grave and the tribulation will be grand. For #Hell is empty and The Dragon is making his last attempt to collect the souls of man, for you do not deserve to be here anymore. You do not deserve this paradise that JaH has created for us all, you do not deserve the air you breathe, this is why The Supreme Source Creator JaH has taken away your breathe. So JaH giveth, so shall he taketh away. #LionofJudahTruth #RasTafariLives #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose @chrisgalt @alfonso.thefonz

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