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Welcome To The Land Of T & T

Dearest Trinidad and Tobago,

I love you. For without you, I would cease to exist. Without your healing and love, I would be the opposite. For without your raw truth, I would be sheltered. Without your soul I would be empty. Without your culture, I would be lost. Without your beautiful people, I and I would not be who stands before you in these last days.

Know this truth before I begin. "Every little thing, is gonna be alright". - King Robert Nesta Marley

My name is Keegan Bruce Galt, from the Tribe of Galt, Millar, Melizan(o), Hobson, Rostant, Boos, Gaultierre, Gaulte, Gault, Tiwari, SeepaulSingh. I hail from the Land of Trinidad and Tobago. I and I am a descendant of YahudaH/JudaH from the Tribe of ZeraH/ZeracH.

It is time for love, for the War will soon be over, yet one must love them self first before they can love another.

Thank You YaH for the opportunity to exist in true divine freedom upon your Earth, which was created for our ancestors of past, for us and for all that are yet to come. SelaH

I am here to share a truth. We all come from a Tribe, not one that we create but one that The Most High has written about for us already, sometimes we find it hard to see. Remove the veil and set one's self free.

We come from a history of truth and persecution. We all have ancestral ties but they are being melted away, day by day. Forgotten by the parents of children, lost to society.

The distraction for Earthly pleasures have become impossible for some to restrain from. The propaganda that is spewed via the mass media is not there to help anyone but only them self, for they are a paid business. Their focus is money, not anyone's well being, open thy eye and one shall see. There are some who come across as genuine but they know truth and deny it because money talks to their greed.

JaH gives the instructions, I and I just follow, the truth be known, truth be shown, the truth shall set you free. Trust in the divine plan, be at peace. #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterHoodOfTheRose

This is my truth, this is who I AM. Yes JaH exists inside I and also in everyone. To choose him every time, to know JaH is also a she. Earthly definitions for an infinite being, it is impractical and funny.

Hold firm in one's faith and strength in The Most High, for JaH JaH never let I down, only rises I to highest of heights, to sit upon the left of his side. Let one's light so shine, so the world can see. Show him your beacon, JaH will set you free.

For those who continually battle demons in this reality, we all have decided to share, have no fear, JaH is always near.

"When one is at spiritual war and the demons surround, always remember to stand your ground. Do so with ease, do so with delight, do so with every single bit of your might. For #NobodyBiggerThanJaH and one will clearly see, that there is no land sweeter, than sweet, sweet, T and T".

Check the YouTube channel at

The Land of T and T has been created to expose the beauty of her magnificence to those who have eyes to see. It is a pleasure and joy that there are such amazing and beautiful souls that JaH continues to line up the paths to cross.

I must give thanks for the hard work that Energy Media TT did. Thank you from the bottom of I heart Jono Aboud and Thomas LeeYoung. Check them out on instagram @EnergyMediaTT For the greatest skills in drone piloting and directing of adventures.

I must give thank to Fonz of Fun Z Land. A beautiful Matura estate owned and operated by @Alfonso.TheFonz. Rivers waterfalls, a hidden magikal village in the jungle.

Empress Jeanille is truly a divine goddess of experience, love ,wisdom, truth and overstanding. Blessed love Empress. @OmnipotentTT

@PureCarnivalTT was so gracious to allow us to film and we had the safest and most spectacular time with them. Majority of the carnival footage is from Pure Carnival.

@DPanWoman From the early ages of 10 years old to 20+ years later, Natasha Joseph is a master mentor of music and is a master of her music. She is one of the few Steel Pannist on Earth that can make a pan sing.

@BeachBummersFL - When one needs to remove all the noise from the mind, Beach Bummers is always on time. Get away from the city, get away from the fear, come silence the mind and dive deep down there. V.I.P Exclusive and All Inclusive Bamboo Beach Vibes in secret locations. "Come and Discover" #ReeeaalllVibbbeess

@JediMovements @GiovanniRimz4x4 For the amazing work in mixing and mastering the final music.

@AlannRhythm For the amazing rhythm called Animal Riddim.


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