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Put On The Whole Armour Of JaH

Put all the faith in JaH and be strong in the power of his might. I and I repeat these words that carry powers and sound daily to protect myself before I and I step out into battle. For everyday it is a battle against the fallen ones and those who seek ill will against us. Due to jealousy, envy, greed, lust, and hatred. It all stems from within and only by cleansing what no longer serves a positive purpose, may one truly live externally in peace and safety. For those who live in the illusionary world of the ego, around the corner will always lurk sudden destruction. This is why we root out serpents within this world. For they are the ones with the second agendas. They are the ones who wish death and destruction. They are the ones who slither their way into our hearts while spewing poisono

us lies of sweet nothings, whispered into one's ear when the noise has settled. For in the sound of silence we hear them whisper, we hear them talk and we hear them speak. Yet there is a mighty roar that will bring the strongest of man and womb-man to their knees in a blink of an eye. A tone so powerful, the very vibration of its existence allows the universe to function as it does with mathematical precision in grand design. This is the voice of JaH and it will reign forIver more. There is no other force. There is only JaH. For I and I have stood before the great foot of #AllaH and faced my judgement. He so let me pass. Only to be swept up into the arms of the one #Supreme source creator. The Highest of the Highest, The Most High #YaH. Nothing, that became everything by becoming aware of itself and has been expanding in all directions, yet has not moved an inch. For all things of light are contained within the Kingdom of JaH, everything else has been cast down here to Earth. To learn. To discover. To experience. To cleanse. To forgive. To live. To love and to die. There is no escaping these repetitive cycles in this prison of trapped refracted light. This is why we have decided to venture back down into this matrix system. To clean out the virus that has infected all of hu-man kind. To protect and guide our loved ones. To be the light while others may be in darkness. To let your light so shine so that no form of wicked can prosper. Shine so bright that the flies and mosquitoes kamikaze into you and explode upon contact for no darkness can penetrate light. For darkness is the absence of light and in the darkness does the light patiently wait for #YOU to turn it on. No one else but YOU. Love you all and may JaH guide all of us in our decision making abilities when presented by professional #SERPENTS. Remove emotion, stare those heartless frauds in their eyes and make them KNOW who you are. If they cannot keep eye contact with a Lion, then they are hyenas in disguise. Bun DEM! 🔥🔥🔥 Into the pit they must go with their god that they so worship endlessly. I and I have lived in Hollywood, Fyah BUN that place to the ground. Hear my words #Babylon. It is a cesspool of paedophiles, rapists, bigots, prostitutes and ah whole heap of underground blood worship and perversion. Nothing is clean in Hollywood. Nothing is Holy. For it is run by the dutty Zionist Globalist who disguise them self as good shepherds, while they have herded Jah's sheep into their slaughter houses. They have captured the hearts and minds of our children. They have even imprisoned the minds of our Queens. They manipulate and abuse. They fulfill their every sexual desire and fantasy on our divine and pure Queens with no regard for the softness of their hearts and the power of their womb. So be extremely aware Lions. The serpent is always learning just as we all are. Always settings traps as JaH brings us all closer to him. Free will is not free, for every decision one makes, the cause and effect will always cost energy. Make sure the heart and the mind are in balance. If not, the result will indefinitely be catastrophic. #ThereIsWorkToBeDone #ItIsTime #SoJaHSeH #LionofJudahTruth #TheLionTribeofJudaH #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #KalonjiTar #ArmourofJaH #SitDownSerpent

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