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What Has This World Come To?

This is a world ruled over by demons or the dumbest people alive. You pick. They are the same to me. Worthless. For we were created with intelligence, yet intelligent people carry out evil works. Question their motives and actions, it screams truth.

When you give an uneducated fool power to make change, this is what they do. Choose perversion over wholesome thought and perspective. They project.

Thank you JaH for freeing me from the stupidity of this world and from the torture of manipulative narcissists. Thank you for blessings those around me with wisdom and discernment. Thank you for protecting us from this nonsensical madness of traumatized children making emotional decisions based on their twisted experience. Save them but hold them accountable. For their actions affect the minds of the innocent.

There is a minuscule amount of reasoning and intelligence left in this enslaved world of robots and sheep. The trauma of rape and molestation has affected so many in this world, yet those who are trained to help refuse to give their knowledge for free. They hoard the information and wealth and throw at you disrespectful garbage.

Well, the 5 people involved in the creation of this rubbish, good luck when JaH strikes them down. #JahDohSleep

So while JaH does what JaH does best, we will continue to fight for what is right and can NO longer be silenced due to threats of death. You are WRONG and will be held accountable for your wrong doings.

We fight this fight for the future of OUR children. For they will never be lead into #Peasantry by these babylonian fools. While children are traumatized on a daily basis now, we will give them a space to grow and be educated with wisdom rather than down right stupidity.

If you didn't help us get there in the beginning, why would you think you have a space in the end? All hands on deck. There is work to be done.


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