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War Calling Teaser

Dec 11 2020 on ALL Streaming Platforms. Save the date. #LinkInBio

A little info on the inspiration for this song. I was...

Awakened out of a dream, a dream of destruction. 3 years ago it happened when the lyrics were given. Imprinted in I soul, The Most High stepped in.

Guided through visions as the prophets from past did.

IsaiaH, Ezekiel, Enoch and Job, all coming together, hundreds of years from their own.


JaH saw their evil plan and counteracted it quickly. He moved his chess pieces so ever swiftly. Getting them in place, with his grand purpose. For only he forever knows, the men that are generous.

As timelines progress and the madness continues, those who live in peace knows that JaH is within you.


For those who have eyes, can surely see. That babylon the great whore, is falling very slowly. So lace up your boots and get ready to flee. Far far from babylon as The #LionTribeofJudaH sets them all free.


Give thanks to @noanpartly @mrmellored @baddaskat @_drumeh_ @jedimovements @giovannirimz4x4

For their amazing efforts in bringing this vision into a masterpeice reality.


As always for the great support @beachbummersllc


Amazing album art @RohshanArt



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