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War Calling For years we have stated what is to come from the evil of this realm. For some have been made aware many truths by something greater than ourselves. We have sacrificed our friendships, our relationships, our happiness with illusion and complacency to make sure that what we have been shown, can be seen by everyone else. We have done all that there is to be done with the time frame that has been given and now those who have ears surely do hear and those who have eyes surely do see. Though these words can be spoken, written and handed down to others as the illusion of time progresses. The best way to bring awareness to the subconscious mind is to have it presented in musical or visual format. The hu-man brain will remember a song before it remembers a truth. So let us put the truth into a song and give ALL an equal opportunity to do better, rise up and take back their energy and strength from those who have stolen it. From the inspiration that has been handed down by JaH, @mrmellored has created something that is beyond that of the normal spectrum of music. From the inspiration of @baddaskat and a mystical Trinidadian #RasTaman named #Egan, a musical masterpiece was created. @_drumeh_ Tapped into the ancient spirit of our ancestors marching to war in this spiritual battle with his #Djembe. The jedi master @giovannirimz4x4 now has his turn to bring greatness and mastery out of an untouched mix. Soon may be tomorrow, soon may be next month. Though coming soon whenever the timing of JaH allows, we shall say for now "soon come".


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