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Only way your fake Jew bots don't block me #Zuck is by supporting what your reptilian mind supports. #Harris2021 #JoeBidenIsAClone

If you think and BELIEVE this man received more votes than Barrack Hussein Obama, I, Keegan Bruce Galt state to you this, "You are a foolish and lost soul which needs to be re-educated in the laws of YaH." Just as YeshuaH called the gentiles, scribes and pharisees foolish, so shall I.

Lucifer is the ONLY one who seeks praise, power and control as it was mentioned to me today, look around you.

Look at your husband, look at your wife, look at your children, look at your CHOSEN leaders, now look at yourself in the mirror. Do you truly agree with what you see and who has told you to be what they told you to be?

Or will you be happy, loving, full of empathy, understanding and motivated? This is the free will choice JaH has given us.

Who are you people who believe you get to decide and dictate the lives of others?

Who has granted you the power to enslave people with your own false doctrine of ideological fallacy?

Who told YOU that YOU can tell another man and woman what to do?

I will share this hint, it was not God.

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