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Wah Dem Feel Like?


And finally they are starting to see the truth.

Blessings to you #KingKalonji Sizzla Kalonji

Real King pon Earth and a #TRUE benefactor to Jamaica.

For they shame you, slander you and call you names beyond their own comprehension. They stab you in the back and in the front and smile inna yuh face.

They play your music, they chant JaH and know not of your truth. The hypocrites and parasites yet you cut and go through.

RasTafari dem shout and sniff up dem coke,

Take life of an innocent and then make some joke.

Ah whole heap ah coward, paedophile and villains, pretending to be friends when in reality dem not living.

Lightning and thunder, brimstone and fyaH, bun down the enemies and take RasTa higher.

Sabukie ah de ancient one, mystics be revealed. 12 Tribes of Israel, Nyahbinghi drum ah beat. Bobo Ashanti and all mansions alike. Moving into 2021, #RasTafari must unite.

Structure and accountability as the King does teach, Jamaica, #LandofTandT, Lalibella we ah go reach.

Behind closed doors, babylon still plotting, yet JaH is bringing Israelites back up from nothing. Into the pit we ah go banish dem now, dash dem down Michael, into the pit dem must go.

Loyalty and honor, truths and rights, equality and justice makes a nation bright. 144 thousand, JaH has aligned, 144 thousand, mind's of the divine. Selassie dem bow to, fyah bun Bill Nye, ah whole heap ah fake free mason, acting like funny bwoy.

Link we ah go link, when JaH make it align, sending you love, honor, respect and wishing you a good night. Babylon done watching and recording all that we do. So we go tell them exactly how we ah go move. Stamp down dem demons, make sure the innocent kept alive, for the governments are killing our people, right infront of our eye's.

Done we ah go done dem, #12TribesUnite,


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