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Updates of Earth 2021

Here is a quick scroll of how the world has awoken to the lie.

For those who are still asleep, lost, depressed, suicidal and in silent rage, know this truth. The Most High will never reveal his plan to the devils and demons of this realm. He will always allow them with free will to choose good over evil or evil over good. Free will is always a choice. Temporary Earth life vs eternal death because we are eternal beings. Make a choice.

There is evil in this realm and the people who refuse to see it are most likely just as evil internally.

That is why it makes it so easy for us to see through you. For those who have the eyes to see, surely DO SEE. We see your stench, we smell your corruption, we taste your infidelity, we hear your lies and we feel your hatred.

We still show love inna real life. We still go forth with righteousness, truth and honor. We do what is right, as JaH is ALWAYS watching and only HE knows the truth within the hearts of conceited men and womb-men. It is our duty as men to speak truth, live truth, be truth, act in truth but to do this one MUST KNOW TRUTH.

To have world peace, evil must be eradicated from the minds and hearts of children. All @tiktok @instagram @facebook @twitter and other corrupted platforms do is PROMOTE slackness and corruption to be distributed amongst the innnocent minds. You banish scripture but you embrace prostitution. You remove sound doctrine and replace with luciferian worship. You PAY and REWARD whores, jezebels and pimps to portray their illusionary lifestyle on these platforms but you deny the righteous and GOD fearing people of this realm.


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