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Trinidad and Jamaica Unification

Beach Bummers and Life Yard 360 with JudaH

No matter the time, nor the day, nor the season or year, brotherhood is something that does not disappear.

Loyalty and honor are just some of the fundamental values that we men of this Earth cherish and solidify within our own foundation as individuals.

We know what it is to be on the receiving end of betrayal. We know what life is worth and how much the cost of death is in comparison.

We challenge our own mindset repetitively until there is no doubt or false information left from narratives of the serpent.

We educate ourselves by the leadership of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the 1st.

We hold all accountable for their wrong doings, yet we forgive all because we know it is rarely their fault ; programming.

JaH has brought us together after he has guided us out of the demonic babylonian system. Everything is with purpose and every moment together is met with joy.

"Out of Many, One People" is the motto of JaH-Maica

"Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve" is the motto of TriniDAD and TobaGO

Why is it that the false government leaders fail to uphold these truths that were instilled BEFORE them?