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Treason comes from the latin verb tradere to trafito that mean handing over and then to french treisoun which reached middle english as treason.

The original and historical definition is stated as "the crime of murdering someone to whom the murderer owed allegiance, such as a master or husband.

The new definition, as man changes the meaning of words through time, the original root meaning will always be truth.

The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the SOVEREIGN or overthrow the government.

Now, I state this, I am sovereign and it would be treasonous to venture your death dealers near me and my family.

JaH will strike them all down with lightning and thunder, brimstone and fire. May hell rain upon the evil that exists within your corrupted souls. You are not of the kingdom of God nor do you know his power but he is going to show you now, why he is The Almighty and you are his tiny creation.

The Capitol Hill police who looked like secret service released a firearm upon an unarmed, 4 tour Air force veteran who was PRACTICING HER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. She took life for YOU while you cowered behind your desks. She destroyed civilizations outside of America while you sipped on the blood of innocent children. Do you REALLY think God will let you get away with this? HA

The AMERICAN declaration gives right to abolish the government and take arms against them if THEY go against the original OATH which is known as the Magna Carter. King's hands carry more power.

England once owned this country and American's fought them off. China now owns this country and the people in office as well. Chinese government officials are atheists and do not believe in God. Majority of this corrupted American government are atheist and pray to the egyptian diety Atum aka Atom aka fallen angels, aka Lucifer. Atheism is a choice made by the ego and reptilian mind. They MOCK with #awoman

So with this definition and truth being shown to you all. What are you going to do about what they have done to you? They lie to you, they steal from you, they slap you in the face with $600. They don't care. Let go and let God, trust in HIM. #JaHJaH #DarkToLight

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