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The Divine Feminine

The movement of feminism has destroyed good wombmen all over this Earth. The movement itself is as foolish as a man pretending to be a woman or woman a man. First off, a man has no womb, so he cannot "pretend" to be what he is not his entire life, it doesnt matter, it is a lie.

It is good to reject lies and the emotional decision makings based upon unhealed trauma. There is enough help out here for free but it is the individual who MUST seek and do the work. There is a reason I started this post about feminism because it is a system created by victims of trauma. So other victims of trauma can have a safe place to heal and rebuild themself stronger. Women living with women will only end up in death because there is no male to help populate and bring logical awareness to emotional thought processes. Society has put women against women for their own entertainment. Bored peasants. The system is not sustainable, so let us use a system that IS.

King and Queen, created by The Most High JaH and not by man nor womb-man.

Today marks the anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen Asfaw upon the throne of Earth, 90 years to date. Lion and Lioness of YahudaH.

Guide over us as we complete the missions handed down to those of us who have accepted willingly and gratefully. #LionTribeofJudaH

There is a truth that no one can deny. A masculine female can never be more masculine than a male because she lacks the mind of a man. A feminine male can never be more feminine than a female because he can only mimick what he sees but lacks the emotional mind. So both end up becoming manipulators. Manipulate themself and everyone else around them, all in the name of #feelings

Everyone is trying to manipulate everyone, over and over and over again. How do you not become sick of it? Let them know that you see their truth and lend them the opportunity to do the right thing, then move on. These lies and deceptions cause great pain within the minds of the innocent. So let us continue in truth as there is much work to be done.

Listen to the wisdom of the elders. Listen to those outside of your skin colour. Listen to those who KNOW BETTER because they have seen more and experienced more than you. Listen to those who take the time to extend their knowledge to you. For one must know where they are coming from if they seek to know where they are destined to go.

The native families of this land have come from such spiritual beginnings while intuned with the glory of mother nature. Their knowledge is beyond comprehensible to an average American yet they have been labeled "Native Americans". They have been destroyed, herded, mutilated, prostituted, raped and excommunicated from the "American Society". They are people of JaH and they know truths before ANY book was written. Fast forward to 2020. Look around and see manipulation right in your living room.

This election has shown us how ignorant half of this beautiful country can be when presented with truth. Their narcissistic traits shine bright and carry them through their erroneous ways of the lie. Ignoring the evil that exists and making a choice based upon feelings and emotions. Those type of people serve no purpose in a community nor in a country. For they are liars and they enjoy living a lie. If you do not serve a purpose, then what are you doing here? Selfishness has no place here on Earth. Selflessness is a necessity yet one must be capable of being selfless first through self reliance.

For those who say to each their own, are those who have concluded there is no hope for the rest of lost souls. That is never the case. There is always hope. For all things are possible in speaking the name of JaH. For when he answers, make sure you are prepared to lay your case to him for he will listen and he will judge and he will show you truth beyond your overstanding and then he will serve his verdict. There is work to be done and the state of hu-manity on this Earth living in fear of dis-ease, man and death is unacceptable. So let us all do better by learning ourselves. By comitting to our goals. By following through with others who deserve your help and by always matching our words with our actions. Otherwise, no one will ever take you serious. There are enough jesters in this court, it is time for the Kings and Queens of Earth to #RiseUp #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #AllShallBeRevealedin2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #RasTafariLives #GreatWhiteBuffalo #FirstFruits #12TribesUnite


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