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Space Force

For thousands of years, we have been told of the fallen angels and how they have manipulated mankind. We have heard about unidentified flying objects and species outside of the Earthen realm.

Movies like "Independence Day" and "War of the Worlds" came into existence and have portrayed aliens as evil that come to defeat Earth and HARVEST man kind for some sort of energy.

President Donald J. Trump has created a new arm of defense called Space Force.

We see that in the new C..O..V..I..D..1..9 bill they sneaked in a "request for the Pentagon to brief Congress on all it knows about unidentified flying objects within 180 day".

Remember when we spoke about this "coming" in the past, were you paying attention?

We know one thing here on Earth and this is the undeniable truth beyond all truths. No matter what comes, no matter what happens, there is no greater evil than a possessed hu-man and there is no greater force the The Most High God.

Give Thanks to Robert Sepehr for his intricate work and studies of hu-man civilizations of past and present here on Earth. He is a published anthropologist and extremely intelligent, so it is for you to take heed.


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