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One Man Can Serve Two Masters

If you believe what you see on the news, then you might as well believe in the Easter Bunny. #NothingIsAsItSeems If one has not read the Art of War, then it is impossible for one to comprehend what is transpiring here on Earth as I type and as you read.

The CEO of USA, Inc. has been on television for over 40 years. He knows the psychology of manipulation, as does the FBI and CIA. Be mindful of this truth. Biden has also been in politricks for 47 years officially, these men are playing games with your lives. Make sure you know which one is REALLY doing the work.

The news media are businesses and they are bought and sold everyday by people with deep pockets. There is a video on my channel that explains the amount of money in a manner than will truly shock the mind. I urge all to have a look. It may teach you something you have never earned before because I assure you, NOT ONE OF YOU HERE KNOWS EVERYTHING nor do I but I do know some things.

How many times in life must everyone repeat their cycles before they become aware of the evil that truly exists on this Earth? The darkest thought that you have, another has darker. This brings fear into a nation and division amongst those who were once united.

The ego takes control and spews its poisonous opinions with no accountability nor responsibility for who will be affected by their decisions based upon FEAR. Know this truth.

ALL shall be held accountable for forcing young children to be silenced and masked due to a narrative shift every 2 weeks for 7 months.

Trauma ensued upon the minds of our little one's, yet this world is busy running from their inevitable fate of disgusting livity. If people were clean, we wouldn't have majority of the problems man has created. Remember when condoms protected you from AIDS, how much people are being told to use those these days? How many people died from AIDS in your circle!? If you decide to do things of animalistic nature and not be held accountable for it, then that is an illusion. You have ALL felt the pain that your creator can give you. A pain that heartbreak cannot compare to. If not, you are in for a rude surprise. Be prepared for what is to come.

Do you all not remember in November 2019, the chaos in the city of the dragon where people were dropping like flies, blood was gushing out of their noses and authorities were in full hazmat suits? Pictures were taken of dead bodies scattered as SARS-CoV-2 was told to us that it came out of a wet market, that is impractical, what virus survives salt water? I urge you to venture in these markets and see how for thousands of years, people have been living a life where they have to catch, kill and trade food or money for items needed for survival. Tou are all so spoiled in this country that you have no idea what REAL life is about. Blessings to those who know what it means to REALLY work for the survival of independence and autonomy. Let us go back in time shall we.

Do you all not remember the videos of the task force teams breaking into homes and kidnapping anyone who spoke out against the movement that transpired? Do you all not remember that 21 million people disappeared in one month from Nov to Dec across the seas? Vanished, off the face of this Earth. Do you not remember seeing the ridiculously fast paced construction of hospitals that all looked like mental wards. They rushed them yet had time to.out up burgular proofing outside the windows. Corona is defenseless against burgular proofing. If you did not know that Corona has been in LA since November 2019, then you have no idea what is transpiring here on Earth. The president of Tanzania tested a papaya, a goat and some other non essential items and they tested positive for Covid. You as hu-man beings need to understand what you see in the movies is not our reality. The WHO do not have the understanding of viruses to the level that they should because they are a bogus regime of the Serpent. They literally worship a serpent wrapped around a wizard cane. Working in healthcare for over 10 years, 18 hospitals in the US, you learn a thing of two about the business of destructive medicine. The president of WHO is an EVIL man. He was part of the DERG. The regime that overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie, the 225th Conquering Lion of JudaH. He worked side by side with a killer of innocent men and women. Who allowed the rape under his command of thousands of Ethiopian peasant women and children. Megistu was his boss and up to 2012, he still worked with him. He is also intertwined and entangled with Bill Gates. When you have that amount of money, your wildest fantasies and perversions come true. These men are not men of God. On the dollar bill of this country, it states "In God We Trust". One must ask, WHICH god do they refer to? Here is some more truth that you have yet to discover.

The news does not report the news, it reports what the highest bidder pays them. They distribute what their parent companies tell them to say. They are repetitive and they are robotic. They say the same jokes, they say the same lies and they pocket the same blood money and tax money from your hard earned wages as slaves to the Babylonian system.

Television = tells lies to your vision. News Casters = Casting of news via SPELLing of words. Spoken and cast into words, power and sound.

YeshuaH said to "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Yet one must still forgive them for they know what they do. Though accountability is still to be processed by the system which has withstood the illusion of man made time. Dare not think that I speak without purpose. The purpose is for you all to discover through the process of critical thought and indepth reasoning with an open and educated mind of FACT, not opinion. Therefore SELF EDUCATION. True research, not biased YouTube videos and opinions.

The reason there is so much illusion and panic and fear is because they tell you to be so. I come from a land of true freedom, where the only law is the law of The Most High. For those who do not respect those laws, they are held accountable and rehabilitated via empathy, love and a full overstanding of the human psyche. Iron sharpens iron and he who feels it, knows it.

For all of you who are reading this and intrigued to a truth beyond that of the finite human mind but rather of the infinite soul, do this one thing and your life will dramatically change for the better. Question EVERYTHING and question it again with different angles.

For the grass is never greener on the other side, it is greener wherever you water it. Perspective is key.

JaH has been watering his garden and the first fruits have fallen to the Earth to be harvested. The outer layer of the truth must decompose, disintegrate, create a new environment so that the seed can germinate and repeat the process again. The seed has been reborn and has created his empire across this Earth's plane, just as the first law of thermodynamics state - "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred, changed into something else."

Therefore, the same energy that once roamed this Earth, will forever roam this Earth, recycling, regurgitating, renewing, repeating, over and over until it is transmuted into something greater.

I leave you with another law that cannot be broken. For every action, there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction. Just as I have been working diligently to free the minds of my people, the opposition has been working dilligently to enslave them away from TRUE FREEDOM. Nothing that leaves my lips benefits ME, I care to protect the children, therefore the children in adult bodies must be reeducated. There is work to be done. Self work must also be done alone, with the SELF. Society has been wrong and ignorance with slackness has allowed our world to become perversified in manners some of you cannot even comprehend because you do not know it exists. That ends today. Enjoy the fruit of your labour. Trust the process and give your faith to something greater than yourself. The Almighty YHWH. Otherwise, you follow the opposition. For one man cannot have two masters. This is chess, not checkers. Wake up. #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #12TribesUnite #RasTafariLives

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