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No Matter What

No matter what they do, no matter what they say. Hold the faith and practice love for those who need it.

Those who continually cause pain due to their harmful lies and programmed thoughts will ALL be hitting rock bottom very soon and will all need help rebuilding their minds, lives and spirits.

They do not need to be controlled, manipulated or spoken down to for their harmful and wrong decisions. They will now need loving forgiveness and so many here on Earth do not truly know love. They think Hollywod has taught them love or fictional books of a sexually depraved woman.

You know what it is to be loved but not how to love. You know what it is to say love but do not know the truest definition of love. "Jesus" murdered on the cross was filled with his love, the ultimate sacrifice to prove a point to checkmate spiritual evil out of the Israelites. Yet, this was not physical love but unconditional love.

The world has been brainwashed to misconstrue so much of our history, so that other's will believe it but one fact continually remains TRUE.

One day we are here and then another, we are gone.

Many have been removed from this plane of existence and many more still have to go, for they cannot come into the new system that JaH has been coding over the past years.You will see

Moses explains love of JaH. Compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, overflowing with "khesed" and faithful. These words all carry great meaning and instruction, yet people of Earth have still found it possible to ANGER The Most High. It only took a couple thousand years.

So all who say that JaH is ONLY a loving God and does not hold his creations accountable, then remember this, the same loving God flooded this Earth and killed 99% of everything on it. He has engulfed cities in flames.

Who do you really think YOU are under the watchful eye of YaH?

YeshuaH loves and he hates(Nicolaitans) There are deeper truths JaH always wins even if he has to "sacrifice" his most prized creation

I wish you all the best prayers and love into 2021 and I truly hope 2020 taught you the truth of this realm. LIFE OVER DEATH #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #LionTribeofJudaH #HeIsHere #WatchJaHWork

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