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Mr Mello Red Studio Tornado Relief

Greetings good people of Earth, This is not something that we usually do. We believe in working hard for what we have and all is graced and blessed to us by The Most High. Natural disasters do occur on a regular basis and sometimes, they create catastrophic occurrences in the lives of good people.

Yesterday Dec 16 2020, while getting ready to perform at a church service, Mr. Mello Red aka Jesse Redden just left his studio at 10851 Endeavour Way, B4, Seminole Fl, with some cables to head over to the church where an event he was helping at was being held.

During the event at the church, a twister swept through Pinellas Park in St.Petersburg and ravaged a path through Endeavour Way. Unbeknownst to Jesse, the tornado had just destroyed his entire office space and studio work space with over $50,000 worth of equipment that has now been destroyed and scattered across the streets of Endeavour Way.

A life of a musician and artist is not an easy life here on Earth. It takes years to acquire such musical instruments like keyboards, guitars, drum kits, mixing boards and everything else that makes a professional studio a functioning business.

All we are asking is to help us raise funds to replace what has been taken by nature. Somethings in life, we are truly not in control of and we give thanks to know that 10 minutes before Jesse was inside that studio and he could have been crushed by the falling roof that has collapsed upon everything.

There are many solutions to this issue but we see the best and easiest is to replace the old equipment with either donated or second hand equipment. We do not even care to buy new equipment, unless we are blessed enough to do so by you beautiful people that will support.

This is how we make our living, by creating music and giving a space to others to record their dreams and creativity. We have produced so many beautiful songs in this space and in less than 5 minutes, the space was destroyed and removed from this plane of existence.

We appreciate and love that you have taken the time to read this far into our small crisis and we give thanks for you being you. Blessings to you. #LionOrder #LionofJudahTruth #RebuildLives

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