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Matthew 5:16 - "Let Your Light So Shine"


No matter how #babylon tries to find a way to silence the truth, hold down hu-manity and destroy civilization for their own evil gain, the light will always remain the same.

For there is #NobodyBiggerThanJaH and it takes a certain type of ignorance to live through 2020 (2013) believing they are still in control of ANYTHING.

All you are in control of is yourself, nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is by grand design and mathematical precision. It was written.

Unlike those who sell out to @onlyfansofficial due to lack of skill, intelligence, morality and integrity. These words from YeshuaH have outlived the peasantry of man.

For those who beg for donations and seek free money for doing nothing, the words of YeshuaH continue to speak truth and will forIver do so until humanity seizes to exist. Until that day does come, which may be sooner than you think, get your #LoJOriginal now from @amazon now and support the cause.

Beware of false Prophets, Priests and Kings, they talk the talk but they surely do not walk the walk. For anyone with eye can see. Shame and guilt run rampant within their souls. JaH shall throw them in the and for those who survive, there is work to be done.


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