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Manipulation of Man

Just as animals can become hypnotized very easily, so can hu-man beings. The #CIA labeled this "phenomena" as #MKUltraMindControl

Here is an example of what transpires when others manipulate the minds of innocent people. A story of truth that I have observed, time and time again. Yet like the sheep of the flock, they all follow the shepherd, except there are many wolves in sheep's skin around us. Look at where hu-manity is as of now, see if you can put this together, for the time is now.

These serpents slither their way into your home and family very quickly. They are master manipulators and they have a mission and serve a purpose.

Once they get the victim into a state of openness and acceptance, the mental master can plant very miniscule seeds of doubt and information that will steer the individual into a path that can now be manipulated easily. For one's actions will always dictate one's reality. Dishonest actions lead to shame and guilt which is learned behaviour counteracted by our moral compass. It is very apparent in those who lack empathy as they have little understanding of The Most High.

For the end goal is where these evil people seek to reap their rewards. They play the game of patience, they understand how your mind works and they do what they do to make you run through hoops within your own head and life. They objectify your existence as if they are the gods and you are the ants. They never give you credit for work well done because it doesn't matter. They are always looking down because they know something that you have NO idea about, so you, are always looking up.

They make sure to make you question your own reality when you start to fall back into any space of peace and serenity. Though around the corner is sudden destruction, not by the hand of JaH but by their own instruction which is by your own doing.

They lead you on with false promises and lies to get their way with you, to break your character and spirit, so that they have control over the broken bits and pieces they allow you to put back together. Again, they have studied the psyche of man for s VERY long time.

They become intertwined with your mind, life and every aspect of all that you hold dear. Stockholme syndrome starts to set in and the victim looses any worth of self. Since the assailant knows how to trigger the emotions of the weakend ego that refuses to accept accountability for its own actions. The wait for the ticking time bomb to explode over and over again. In tarot, they call this the "Tower Moment" (For it is a quick way a manipulator can crumble your reality to rebuild you.) They plant themself deep inside your mind and life, as if they were there from the beginning of your birth.

While you, as the innocent victim, wake up everyday from the fog of slumber and slowly become aware of it all, yet not understanding where you have been for the elapsed amount of time and what has transpired but you know you were alive and living, yet it is as if it was all a dream. The brain will do what it always does, control. Remember the brain named itself the brain.

So the broken ego takes over and creates an illusion of reality that keeps it feeling safe, that no one will ever know the secret of which it has discovered, not even YOU. For trauma is like scar tissue that sticks around has to continually be broken up to be removed.

So the self denies itself truth and feeds off of a lie. The voice of one's soul is silenced and oushed deeper into the hell within that has been created. For the ego, the lie tastes better than the truth and the truth is that, you were aware all along, you made the decisions, yet you don't know why you believed in someone outside of yourself more than you. It is because you were conditioned to as a child.

This system did not just begin yesterday, nor last year. The mental warfare of man has been in existence since the beginning of time. For when YOU were cast down into this prism of light, Lucifer was already here. JaH loved his angels, so much so, he created The Earth for them to roam, to fulfill their desires, to live out their atrocities and then, to discover that there is no greater love than the love of their creator. Earth is their permanent space of rest, it is only temporary for us.

This lie of evil cannot survive through the sands of time and it will drive even the most intelligent into madness if they refuse to accept the monstrosity of such a complex system. I will state this, that a walk into Dante's Inferno is comparable to a thousand years in hell. No place for the innocent to venture.

Do you see this type of manipulation around you as we speak, especially since the beginning of Covid? If not, then my question to you is, why not? #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LoveConquersAll #AllShallBeRevealedin2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #RasTafariLives #MindControlNoMore #BreakBabylonSpellsAndCurses #12TribesUnite

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