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Light in The Throat

There is a light within my throat, that when I speak, it destroys the darkness within the hearts, minds and souls of mankind.

For those who do not see their own darkness, I spend my time to share awareness of how to move past their own ignorance of veiled illusions and eyesight.

For those who ignore their dark ways, I shine light onto it so that they may turn to the light and allow their light to so shine.

This means the double edged sword comes out and swipes them down swiftly. In doing so, one now has an equal opportunity to be saved or continue in their blasphemous and erroneous ways. The free will choice is theirs.

For lucifer is the morning star, YeshuaH is the #BrightMorningStar and Emperor Selassie I is Christ in his kingly character.

They all receive their light from The Most High JaH.

There is none greater than the creator and the creator is not the creation, yet only part thereof in its very essence.


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