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Let's Start At The Beginning

There is a book that is forever being written. The moments of each second in each passing day of ours lives. With every breath we inhale, another moment of life has passed us by. Every exhale is another moment of hope that we are indeed capable of taking another breath in.

In complacency, we take granted our lives. Indefinitely numbing the empathy inside. Discovering these truths, one started to write. For years upon years, giving indepth insights.

Documenting moments of pain and positive emotion. Writing thoughts and descriptions of where lay devotions. Into the nothingness, the future untold. Building and growing and the years did unfold.

Moments in life created with others. Selfishness and selflessness, mixed with many lovers. Walking a path, narrow as such. Observing the serpent and the fallen from above. Watching, waiting, living a good life. Giving praises to JaH, The highest of high.

In the beginning of Instagram, to the day of now. A book is being written, documenting the how. All throughout the internet, the hashtags endure. #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #SitDownSerpent to the floor.

Tap and see, open up the internet's biggest adventure for free. The entire life story, a story of HE. From the beginning to now and forever more. There is work to be done, for all those who are bored.

So scroll to the bottom, the beginning, the root. Start to read and #DiscoverTheTruth That a long time ago, HE wrote #NothingIsAsItSeems Now in twenty twenty one, I believe you all now know what that means.

#TogetherWeAspire, #TogetherWeAchieve. Let us work together, in full unity. The King, The Queen, The people unite but first everyone must do what is right.