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KiWi test positive for COVID 19 - Question Everything

When MAN decides to change the definition and meaning of a word, it is ALWAYS because of the underlying agenda to control.


For instance, the archaic definition of the word WANT actually means To LACK. So when we say things that we want , we rarely get them because we state we LACK THEM to the Universe. (One must know the universe is mental as well. They know this truth.)


The new definition of want means "1. have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for."


2. ought, should, or NEED to do something.


So, as you can see there is something wrong here because WANTS AND NEEDS ARE NOT THE SAME.



YET, they changed it so the children will find it harder to discover the truth. Luckily, the children have a Lion that will destroy every adult on this Earth and throw them into the bottomless pit ONE BY ONE before they are allowed to corrupt the minds of our youth's and their future.

This is detrimental towards the future of this realm and if we continue to FINANCE these wars, these moronic and selfish demons, WE as a people will also be held accountable for being the accomplice of the Satan himself.

Even the demons shiver when they know the presence of JaH is near, beware demons. You are finite and replaceable just like everyone else on this Earth, the truth stands firm amongst your lies. #NobodyBiggerThanJaH

No science, no masks. Keep your propaganda aqay from our children, you have done enough psychological damage as it is. You shall all be held accountable.


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