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Illusions of Earth

There has been so much change in the world yet it is all an illusion and choice of opinions in reality. Hu-man beings can't be part of a #RatRace because we are not rats. (I speak for the good people)

With @beach_bummers_fl, there is consistency and growth in the comfort that becomes greater with time. Though change is mandatory with growth, growth must be good to become comfortable with.

Perception is key to a happy reality. What has transpired here on Earth is illusions of mad men manipulating change by miscontrued lies.


You have been ALL lied to and now look at the world that has been created.

If you are happy in this reality that they created to distract you from truth, then you are as good as dead.

Forced change by another is not good, that is manipulation. When one forces their will upon another, this negates and removes the option of free will choice.

With great power comes great responsibility and many abuse the knowledge from which they were extended by JaH. These sort of actions do not go unnoticed by The Most High. Therefore, #Karma exists.

The system from which karma works is not as easy as one may think to comprehend without a large OVERstanding of the spiritual realm.

Every action counts and every action from which the option to take that action exists is because of another individual's involvement.

Let's say you have the option of three different mangoes. One is grown locally by an organic farmer, one is grown by a bigger farm with pesticides and the last is grown in Mexico by a monsanto owned farm. Each of these mangoes have different karma attached to them due to the hands and process that were involved in its delivery to you. Educated decisions vs ignorance vs nescience all affect the repayment of energy.

How are you extending your energy today? Are you creating more negative karma in your life due to the people you associate with, the food that you eat and the thoughts you act upon?

Are you being rewarded for good work done with the highest of intention, cleanest of heart and purest of thought? If not, let #BeachBummers help you alleviate your karmic debt. For I and I am the master of Karma. #LionofJudahTruth #Divinity


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