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Hope For Joy Child Center

If you live in the first world, your problems are inconsequential and your support is needed from all angles. @who says there are 14,993 Confirmed cases of C.O.V.I.D and 139 deaths in Uganda. The population of Uganda is 42 million. This orphanage houses 34 children at this moment.

@masinde_timothy_d is doing his best to keep the spirit alive in these children. He has successfully created 0% hunger in this small space. These children are eating the natural way, with their hands. They are still alive with no infection from S.A.R.S.-.C.o.V.-.2.

Meanwhile, WHO says China has 92,336 confirmed cases and 4,749 deaths. 21 Million people have gone missing in China from January to Feburary 2020. This is not reported to you though. 1.393 billion people.

USA has around 330 million people, 10,124,555 confirmed cases with 258,573 deaths but there is NO influenza during these winter months nor deaths from influenza reported. Not one report Since 2018.

2 years ago, 61 million contracted the influenza and estimated 60,000 ppl died. Their death certificate stated respiratory or circulatory causes. Not, Influenza. Yet, these mad men and robotic thinking hu-man are hell bent on making aure corona virus is out as cause of death, yet you only die if your internal system is already chaotic.

If you believe ANY of these numbers, you are plainly and simply, a fool. For only fools can get fooled by the trickster.

JaH did not bring me to this Earth to be a fool. I am no clown, nor court jester, nor simple minded man. I have been made with intelligence and by grand design. So have YOU.

Stop accepting their scraps of crumbs and walk away from their system of control, manipulation and murder. Their vaccines only bandaid the mess THEY MADE and then more dis-ease and death comes from the byproduct of it. Why put your faith in ANYONE outside of The Most High? Your family are the only ones who suffer because of YOUR decision to listen to opinion, instead of PROPER AND INDEPTH research.


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