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Dub Inna Winter Response to Creative Loathing Tampa Bay

Due to the demons and uneducated children that work at @cltampabay (Ray Roa)

We have been forced to move our event due to their peasantry and selfish actions towards artists of reggae music and #RasTafari livity. They have come with their anit-semetic blasphemy and have now crossed the border of my Tribe which is of JudaH. Some of their staff is hypocritical in all that they do.

Know this fact Creative Loathing of Tampa Bay. It is You I and I speak to now. #SitDownSerpent You are NOT welcome on the property where RASTAFARI will be present at. If you do show up or any actions taken by you or your company to affect this event inevitably, our livety, will be deemed reprehensible.

You have crossed a line and a border that you have never crossed before and now you will learn what accountability is by the hand of JaH.

Your narcissism and negative publicity towards those who are educated and fight against mental slavery will no longer be tolerated. You have shamed and guilted people into following YOUR standard because of YOUR PERSONAL belief system. Educated by liberal ignorance.

This is known as systematic enslavery and you can be punished by the federal courts for such ignorant and malicious behaviours against your fellow man.

This is your public legal letter to cease and desist and I advise you to gather every single sleazy lawer that you can afford and send them all to me because I will send every single last one of them into the pit of eternal fire and damnation from whence they came!

Your minions have stepped on the toes of The Lion. There is no where to run. There is no where to escape. There is no where to hide. For the same cave you run to is the same cave that will inevitably become your demise.

You have had the opportunity to change your ways but for years you have wronged GOOD people. Your employee "Ray Roa" made the choice to instill fear into my people of love. Your publication is WELL known in negatively portaying people and events that you do not agree with. This is the only way you gain your fan base. This is manipulation of the minds and that is a crime against humanity. #LionOrder #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #RasTafariLive


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