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Dub Inna Winter

3 Kings at work. Following tradition in RasTafari and bunning babylon with the love of music. For music is our weapon.

This is when the session was now starting to catch ah fyah.

While Babylon was too busy trying to dig their claws into the top of the mountain edge from which SHE was clinging onto for her life. #RasTafari continued to unite the Tribes all over Earth with one simple action of coming together in unity to spread love through music via word, power and sound.

In the end, REAL reggae music always wins over evil.

So if you would like to join us for the next event. Keep up to date with our movements and then you will know how to proceed in getting there.

For all the events that we have done here on Earth, Dub inna Winter had something in common with all of the others. #Magik

The energy and vibe was high and then it was low and then it was flowing and then it was floating.

We had the pleasure of being blessed by Chef @a_bambin0 and he provided us with 5 different vegan mac and cheese options. By far the best version I have ever had in America.

The ambience and energy of @jahva_studio helped facilitate #DubInnaWinter beyond comprehension. It was a last minute move, required by JaH and it was implemented to perfection.

It could not be possible without every single individual that had their hand in helping a very simple event become a reality.

It has proven to everyone involved a great truth. That truth is a very old truth and it is this.

Evil will stretch to the ends of Earth to do evil and evil is a choice that we choose as individuals. Some people chose without knowing what they have chosen but many willingly participate in EVOL rather than participating in LOVE

They create drama, they instill fear, they then provide a false solution, just so that the little ego created from a hardened child can have some illusion of control.#Deep

Is this how JaH created hu-man being? The divine man? The divine womb-man? Absolutely not. Man created this mindset and it has poisoned the children for thousands of years. This is why RasTafari will always stand tall. #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #JaHLives #APBTTMHJ


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