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Declaration of Independence

Talk to me babylon. Talk to me about the minds you have enslaved. Say something outside of these truths to me that can justify your behaviours against citizens of America and citizens of Earth. Show me how smart you are with your knowledge of THIS COUNTRY and EARTH.

That's what I thought. You know only what you tell yourself and what is told to you. You are the problem and are no longer welcome here on Earth. For too long you have taken the innocence from our children and elderly.

You have all been found wanted by judgment from The Most High JaH. Your crimes against humanity have gone against the laws of God who has inscribed pon stone what it right and what is wrong. You broke the commandments that he gave to you and you dare attempt to lead others?

He chose his people and he carries them through this life by HIS will, not yours. Human will is inspired by the creator or by the serpent himself.

You have all done wrong under the watchful eye of YaH and you have stepped over boundaries beyond your feeble comprehension. Galactic forces are on route and there is no stopping what is coming for you all.

The spiritual war that you have already lost has been won in realms outside and inside of these 3-Dimensions. #TrustTheProcess

This mental manipulation you all play with innocent people who have yet to be awakened is tyrannical in its entire essence.

The trauma and confusion that you have instilled within the hearts and mind's of the INNOCENT will not be easily cured, therefore your actions have been deemed reprehensible.

We see the proof, we know the truth, we have EVIDENCE against you ALL. #CheckMate

Your game is over and JaH will rule this Earth again for #HeIsHere #DisgustingFilthNewsMedia

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