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Censorship began a couple years ago. I understand the process of being blacklisted for many years. They filter your content and literally ex-communicate you like the Catholic Church. Only some of those who follow you can see your content and even so, it is put at the bottom of the list.

Babylon always seeks to control those who go against their will, yet those in control do not seek to control prostitution of children on these apps. The eradication of innocence is promoted and the truth of JaH is silenced. Here is an example of how they silence certain topics because (people's feelings) become a problem when given truth. Their ego is hurt and their reality is brought to question. So many state how they do not understand what I say, yet there are those who do. So WHO is it that has not taken the time to do the work because they are too busy serving the wrong master. Another example I saw of censorship was from @thedailyshow With @trevornoah I enjoyed his eloquence in the beginning but as time progressed, you can't fool ALL the people ALL the time. There was an AMAZING interview done with @bujubanton and King Mark spoke truths beyond majority of every other guest he has ever had. The spiritual and biblical truths that were given were beyond comprehension for some that have not taken the time to understand this world. In the LIVE interview, Buju went on to delve into the livity and truth of RasTafari. When you go to their #YouTube upload of the live interview, they cut the segment on RasTafari out, as if it NEVER happened. Therefore, someone was upset with that truth. An african man, hosting an American parody of news, manipulates video on truth of Emperor Haile Selassie? The ONLY King to unite Africa. So why would one do such a thing? Why would one also think that it is okay to alter reality and history because you FEEL TO. We give thanks for the opportunity of giving King Buju a platform to speak but if I were you Trevor, I would take my accountability into question and really ask some hard hitting questions of what is right vs what is wrong. @breakfastclubam had NO problem listening to the wisdom of a JudaH, for Buju Banton is of The #LionTribeofJudaH


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