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Catching The Lies

We have ALL been lied to from the moment we exit the womb of our mothers. NOT ONE OF YOU CAME UNTO THIS WORLD IN ANY OTHER WAY. So give praises to the mothers of this Earth.

As for the truth that man has corrupted within the word, power and sound of JaH. The truth is being revealed to those who HE HAS DECIDED TO TOUCH. For the awareness does not come from mental ability but rather a spiritual essence that exists within the etherical realm of this 3dimensional world.

Those who work for and uphold the Synagogue of Satan have become extremely apparant to those who have eyes to see. The veil has been lifted for those who seek. The truth awaits those who question lies. Only in truth, may peace, freedom and unconditional love exist.

Outside of truth, the chaos ensues to attempt to destroy the life that JaH has bestowed upon us. This is known as #Sovereignty. If you do not stand sovereign within yourself, then you will be a slave to your OWN thoughts and emotions. Therefore, a slave to someone wiser than yourself.

The issue occurs when the mental slavery is indoctrinated and forced upon the masses with physical abuse, mental abuse and spiritual blasphemy. No man has the authority to control another man but we must live in autonomy to be held accountable for our ACTIONS against others.

So seek the truth, question the lies and I and I assure the I that #NothingIsAsItSeems but we know the ultimate truth beyond all mental reasoning. That is the fact that is older than Earth itself.


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