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Blessings forIver more King Blender

@realevertonblendamusic , for you gave us our first dubplate when I was 17 years old. You were in Trinidad and Tobago, up in Bournes road, St.James, Prosperity RasTaman dance. @fatherpinesnowcone from Zion Lion Int'l had organize a dub session. I initially had asked for this tune but we were given a great clashing tune, "Boom Sound" and "Blend Dem".

I learned we don't always get what we want at that moment but we must be grateful for what has been given and know it was destined by JaH. "Lift Up Your Head" has travelled the world with me and will continue to do so until the last day of time in this realm.

Be those days 100 years or 1000 or even for eternity, this video of your music should get a copyright flag and every view should give a portion of a copper penny to your name. I wish to give as much back as I can for as much as you have given unto I and so many millions of this realm.

This song is a tune that will forever be timeless. A truth within history and all of mankind, that one must keep trodding forward, no matter the road, forward is the only way.

Never sell your soul, you have inspired my music and the wisdom that has been gifted from it. You have guided me to become one with The Most High YaH, May JaH continue to foriver protect and bless your soul. #SafeLikeSelassieIBriefcase

So blessings to you #King for your guidance throughout the years and the tens of thousands of times that I have played your music for our sound @xixgon Int'l. You are forever loved and I give thanks to JaH for the opportunity to be so closely connected #Inna3D


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