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Rainbows are beautiful manifestations of light infraction relfecting off of water particles in the air. Without water, we cannot see them, yet they ALWAYS exist around us. Rainbows are invisible and have been on this Earth since the beginning of time.

Man did not create them, yet corrupted trauma victims of man have tried to hijack the innocence and cleanliness of the rainbow. The rainbow does not stand for any homosexual movement nor does it stand for men that decide to act like womb-men. It takes a certain level of corrupt mind that will believe its own illusions.

There are not much documented cases of reaching the other side of the rainbow, nor has their been any claims of finding the leprechaun's pot o' gold.

So who has been lying to us about these spectacular visions from JaH? Why have they lied to us and where do double rainbows come from!? If these questions remain within you, then #REXA is here to the rescue. If we take a look into history and see the truth of how multi BILLION $ industries started in the world, it was usually off of something that did not exist nor have a firm understanding of. Therefore, propaganda was used and it easily infiltrated the minds of the ignorant. For instance #OperationPaperclip

The remaining #Nazi scientist that were illegally brought to America started #NASA from the once known NACA. President Truman denied this operation any funding yet, they did it anyway. Generals of the US military rarely listen to their commander in chief who changes every 4 to 8 years.

President Trump has started Space Force.

Elon Musk started Space X and with

Jeff Besos is shooting Five Gee Weapons into our orbit.

So I will start the Rainbow Exploration Agency, the only difference between me and them is, I know how to get to the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Come along children, there is work to be done. (A subsidiary of Bowser Inc.)


#StarWars #TasteTheRainbow #MockeryOfAliens #LoveConquersAll #AccountabilityIsNecessary #TruthIsStrangeWhenLiesAreLived #YouveAllBeenLiedTo

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