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6000 feet high Smokey Mountains

Even at 6000 feet up, there is always a purpose. For a couple were walking by and overheard a conversation with my father and I. The man heard me talk about singing on stage, something not many are capable of doing with fear present. I was having a hard time with the drone as the camera was malfunctioning due to magnetic interference. Yet, I was grateful to be there with my family, still here together.

On his way back from his lookout view, he asked me who do I sing with because he loves reggae music. The energy stated that he and his #Queen knew that just as I made it to the top of the mountain for a purpose, so did they. After a brief introduction, I handed them a business card and they were on their way.

These types of occurances are a regular one due to attention and awareness of surroundings. Always being prepared and expecting the unexpected.

To gain two new fans, 6000 feet high on top of the #SmokeyMountains is an experience that continues to show how real JaH is. For there is no coincidence in this simple meeting, for the eyes of these strangers were not of this realm and they knew that I knew this truth. Angelic beings surround us but only those who have eyes shall see. YeshuaH stated to "Let thine EYE be single". Remove the dogmatic approach to ancient wisdom and discover a world you did not know existed.

Perspective is key and reality is perception of experiences relateable to the individual at that moment in time. Everything since the beginning of time had to be the way it was for this miniscule meeting to occur. #JaHdohSleep

So if you are they and you are reading this, mission accomplished. JaH works in the ways only known to him and his people, who choose him. Blessed love #BeingsOfLight #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #AllShallBeRevealedin2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #RasTafariLives #6000feetup #HigherThanHigh #Pleiadians

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