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Babylon Yuh Crumble, Lightning and Thunder, Brimstone and FyaH

There is no what IF, there is only what IS.

So shift the doubt, change the perspective.

The Lion has roared, yet selfishly they cower.

Fooled into love by energies of the tower.

JaH stated this truth, be mindful of illusions.

Follow the truth, which is his word, pure fusion.

The power of #JaH is beyond comprehension

For those stuck in cycles of heart break and depression.

Wake up I tell you, #RiseUp and fight.

Babylon has crumbled, 12 Tribes Unite.

Eradicate the old, learn from what failed.

Shift the new mindset, into abundance of hail.

Hail HIM over thoughts, hail HIM over words,

Hail HIM as the Sun rises, hail HIM for the birds.

The King of Kings has sat down pon his throne, yet fear runs rampant amongst those who claim Israel home.

This pain of hu-manity, these manipulations of mind.

All come from a space, a space of time.

Each #Yuga move forward, each incarnation divine. There are no souls greater than the Lion Tribe of JudaH this time.

For he cracks thunder when he roars and he cast lightning pon his enemies.

Floods villages and cities, removing ALL discrepancies.

He burns fyah and brimstone upon the evil within.

He destroyed Babylon, sent her away with her sin.

Then #RasTafari shall rebuild what destruction has caused.

Adam still cleaning up Eve's mess just as before.

When the war be over and the world reunites.

May they both make their way back through Eden's door light.

He sings songs of love, of joy and truth.

Songs to his Queen, so she cannot refuse.

He showers her with abundance, passion infused.

She accepts it, in return, she lets her heart loose.

He gives her his all, excites her every thrill.

In return she kneels and calls him her King.

Peace upon Earth, as evil destroyed.

Emperor and Empress of JudaH praise JaH forIver more.

#RasTafariLives #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #LionofJudahTruth #LoveConquersAll #TheEndofOldEarth #NewEarthCommence #SignedAndSealed #StarOfJudaH #SafeLikeSelassieIBriefcase

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