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Anti Babylon Spray

There are limited quantities of this special blend "Ethiopia 2000 Flowers".

You can purchase your Anti-Babylon Spray at #LGHDocksideDispensary in #ClearwaterBeach


This special hand sanitizer is made with the highest of quality and uniquely sourced skin products and oils from Trinidad and Tobago and USA. The elixir is then meditated and prayed upon to carry the energy of blessings and cleanliness wherever it is used. For cleanliness is next to #Godliness. It seems some people have an issue keeping their hands clean. Spray some #AkaeBeka and dissolve #BabylonsBogusBatVirus from the face of this Earth. Down with Dragon and The Eagle and The Bear. For it is the Lion who stand tall in the end.


If you have questions about CBD and Delta-8-THC. #Matthew @canna.doc.792 will be more than glad to educate you on this ancient medicine that has alleviated pain and addiction for thousands of years. If you are in the area, make your way to the first dispensary on the beach. Who knows, you might meet @beach_bummers_fl there getting ready for an adventure.


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