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There is no What If, only What Is

"And I say, I know that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Bring me only joy, don't bring no sorrow.

Call me optimistic, I believe in life

All is here for the taking, for a price.

And it's a magic city, magic lights, magic moments, magical heights.

Oh magic city, magic lights, magic moments, magical heights.

I said, where the mystic is always around.

You enjoy the sights and sounds.

So high you don't want to be down.

This is where I can be found". @bujubanton


Upon walking this Earth in the manner that JaH has dictated for it to be walked, we discover new perspectives on a daily basis.

For years #RasTafari has proclaimed sovereignty over the evil that manipulates and roams this Earth's plane.

Yet Emperor Haile Selassie is not taught about in schools, Marcus Garvey is no where to be found and Prince Emmanuel is only spoken in whispers outside of the tabernacles.

If we as hu-man being do NOT know where we are coming from, then we cannot know where we are going.

Educated men of truth can become scholars and squeeze into society via a mold they must use. They lose their manly essence and become slaves to indoctrinated thought.

Wise men discover truth of the past and implement that knowledge into every day action. This is called #intelligence. Application of knowledge. For there are so many with knowledge, yet they are worthless as men. For they do not lift a hand to sow a seed, nor do they raise their voices to stand up for what is right!

For years we have been fighting to spread truth. For years we have been shamed. For years we have been left out in the cold due to egoical mind sets of less educated individuals. For years, the wise men have been silent.

No more I tell you. No more will intelligence and wisdom fall by the waist side due to the pleasing of ignorant egos.

No more will the warriors of JaH sit in silence and allow peasants to rule over them. No more will the Kings and Queens of Earth be trampled by the beast.


We #RiseUp and show them the power of JaH.

For every knee shall bow and every tongue shall tell, JaH is the highest. #SitDownSerpent #YouHaveYetToActivateYourBrain #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH

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