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BLNCD Naturals @ LGH Dockside

As men of JaH, we are all about healing the nation. At #LGHDockside, you are treated as patient who needs healing. Not all sickness can be externally seen nor shown. Internal thought processes of the egoical mind can cause distortion to one's reality. There are ways beyond the illusion of modern medicine to help process the confusion and chaos.

JaH created the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and this Earth. In doing so, all that we have and will EVER need has been given to us within this realm.

We have what we need to live a happy, strong, healthy and an abundant life.

Man can take this natural medicine known as #Cannabis and infuse its healing properties into that which sustains all life. #Water

CBD infused sparkling water from @blncdnaturals is beyond amazing and truly gives the body a relaxing and enjoyable experience. From the first sip to the last, warm or cold, #BLNCD is beyond that of the babylon peasant water they feed this nation. Just look at Flint, Michigan. Did you know Michigan is paying their residents $600 Million for their crimes against its own people from gas infused drinking water. #PhrackingKills

It would be wise to trust those who have your best interest at heart and remove the fallacy of illusion that the governments even care about anyone other than them selves.

Trust in JaH, it's the only way. JaH made the herb, JaH made the clean waters. JaH made intelligence. JaH made The All which in turn is #THEALL.

So be humble and wise, speak of the truth and not the lies. Question all of man kind and always trust in JaH. For only with JaH are these occurances and products possible. Drink the champagne of water. #BLNCDWater

Blessed Love

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