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Every Man Is Two Men

Reposted from @dr.ashleykay The #goal in #life is to become #awakened in both your darkness and your #light. Which means facing your darkness which is YOUR #TRUTH within. Your #darkness is your truth. Your #authenticself.


Facing your darkness (calling on your warrior within, path to enlightenment) and living in your darkness (ego driven decisions, insecure, unworthy #frequencies) are two different ways of living. One is choosing to live in #ego, the other is choosing to live in enlightenment by accepting all of what makes your darkness a part of you. That part of you can never be caste away, so the only thing you can do is #ACCEPT it. Make #PEACE with it. That is where the light overcomes the darkness but both the light and the dark are given the same attention from your consciousness on a daily basis. Living in the ego means #darkness is controlling you.


You HAVE to understand #DUALITY. What is it? It is the very essence of the light and darkness within you. What this quote above speaks of. Every man/woman has this within. It’s the journey going #WITHIN to create the balance between both the light and the dark. DUALITY. The two sides. The two faces to yourself that you live your entire life only showing people one of the two of your sides to yourself. But when you merge them both together by accepting the darkness... the light will shine brighter because you’re no longer at war with yourself within! You’re at #PEACE. You’re in #LOVE with yourself. You #GLOW because the light is finally showing... #overcoming the darkness that was worn on your face when introduced to the people around you.


When you find the light it is so easy to see the darkness others wear on their faces because your soul recognizes the pain and the anguish you were also living in. When you peel back your #MASK and see / feel your true authentic self, the infinite layers that exist within you, you can see the duality in others around you.

You will also know when you have met someone who has done the #WORK because their #energy and light and balance shines so bright in their #aura. They exude #positivity and #femininity and #masculinity all at the same time. It’s a breathtaking balance.

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