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Verse iTal


#RasTafariLivesAndReigns As the attacks from The Satan become stronger upon mankind, fight or flight modes are activated within the construct of humanities psychology. Warriors battle onwards into the future with the faith and trust and knowing of JaH. The defender of the faith, Emperor Haile Selassie I stood firm amongst the evil and though he waged peace, they forced war upon HIM. Once one discovers this truth that #NobodyBiggerThanJaH one will always be winning in the war of Good vs Evil.

Dare not follow the illusionist who proclaim war is over, dare not follow those who speak that peace is the answer. Dare not follow another who promises empty dreams and speaks of great things. For these are distractions and fallacies of the mind with confirmation biases and cognitive dissonances. Until ALL the children are protected and saved and ALL are held accountable, the war MUST GO ON! Know this truth as well.

Trust in the confidence of knowing The Most High JaH has created you and all that transpires here on Earth. Hold the faith in knowing that all is as it should be. Silence the egoical mind and discover the truth of the soul. Follow the word of The Most High and only YOU can hear that word. One must be tuned into one's self, fully knowing of all that exists within one's mind, heart and soul.

The good and the programmed bad.

The dragon that exists within must be tamed and overstood, for the Lamb can easily be devoured by the Eagle, The Dragon and The Bear. Yet it is The Lion who protects the Lamb. 2000 years ago, JaH sent the Lamb to be slaughtered. This time, he sent 12000 Lions of the #LionTribeofJudaH to slaughter Babylon.

There is no where to run, there is no cave to hide, there is no space to escape, for the children JaH have now become the rulers of Earth. Babylon now must answer to those who were granted the ability to lead without corruption. For we do not answer to crooked politicians who claim God yet do the work of the devils. We do not answer to corruptible police who take action with no question. We do not answer to bankers who steal our money and horde it away from us until it is gone. We do not subscribe to the agenda of Babylon The Great Whore, for she has fallen, therefore those who suck from her putrid teets must now answer to US, until they be case into the pit of eternal fire by Michael himself.

JaH has anointed his chosen, for MANY are called but only few are anointed. JaH has patiently waited for 2000+ years in HU-MAN perspective to initiate his peaceful removal of ALL evil on Earth. So know this truth children. You have ALL judged and JaH has never given you the authority to JUDGE another, yet the children of men have done so, so now the Children of JaH have been activated to JUDGE those via the authority of The Supreme Source Creator, The Omnipotent, The All which is THE ALL, The Great I AM, The Almighty, The Elohim of Elohim, The Most High #YHWH, #YahawaH, #YahWeh. In his name and only his name. #JaH. No one is to be put before The Creator, for he has placed those worthy to be at his side.

So as RasTafari continues to rebuild the minds of our children that the world has so ignorantly destroyed, here is one of Trinidad and Tobago's BEST, doing BIG things in Europe and receives little no to recognition from the selfish and ignorant "radio personalities" of Trinidad and Tobago. We do not spread the word of JaH for the likes but rather we do it for the selfless love that we have discovered exists.

The ego of man has truly ruined and robbed humanity of their innocence and childlike qualities that carry unconditional love. This will no longer be tolerated, for now the angels of Earth will unsheathe their flaming swords and strike down corruption as this battle will be nearing end shortly. Blessed love to this warrior king who has been fighting the great battle for a very long time. Stefan 'Verse iTal' Wilson #TrinidadArtistry #LionofJudahTruth #SisterhoodOfTheRose #ReggaeMusic #GarnettSilk #AllShallBeRevaledIn2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #AllPraisesBelongToTheMostHighJaH #SelassieChildren #JaHChildren #TheFuture #ChildrenLivesMatter #VerseItal #ItalIsVital

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