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This is NOT a Lion of JudaH Original, and this is NOT endorsed by #LionofJudahTruth nor Official Lion of JudaH, Inc.

Originality is something that many believe hard to find, so they must copy another with little to no effort in creating something. We know this as #Peasantry and #Laziness

#Mimicry can always be looked at in a positive light from the one being copied but it speaks volume to the LACK of HONOR, men and womb-men carry as they trod through here on Earth.

Many have come and spent time with me and have taken the teachings and called it their own. They have even gone as far to attempt to live MY life by sneakily repeating my words, yet missing one extreme finality in the end, the rebuild of what has been torn down and destroyed.

What I do on a daily basis is not for the light hearted nor for the weak minded fool. It takes foresight, trust, faith, overstanding and KNOWING of truth that exists within the silenced soul and over exposed minds of the weak.

#JaHDohSleep and he reveals all when asked, be watchful of those who seek to clone your essence for their own gain, where malice, ill will, jealousy and envy exist in the depths of their heart.

Be mindful of the company one keeps, for the 5 closest people surrounding one, as an individual, one will surely become the 6th. For instance, Narcissists surround them self with foolish people, naive and innocent. Fools surround them self with fools.

Lions surround them self with Lions and create a pride. #LionOrder🦁

I have given away hundreds of my works for free and expected nothing in return. What I do expect from mankind is honesty, morals, values, integrity, righteousness, truths and HONOR. These are some of the fundamental values of LOVE. If one does not carry these values in their every day life, then one is surely not living in love but rather darkness and in competition with their fellow man.

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