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Akae Beka Elixir (Hand Sanitizer)

In a world of uncertainty, JaH is the only way forward. To psychologically help the mind understand the concept of The Most High, one must first understand the concept of one's self. Knowing that there MAY be a deadly virus floating around everywhere on Earth, stand strong under the watchful observation of JaH, and use intelligence to keep one's hands clean. Hu-man beings are sociable creatures and crave the touch of another. We always love to greet our friends and family members with a connection of energy in the physical form, be it hand shakes to hugs and all the in between. There is no thing wrong with this for healthy individuals to do, yet Babylon continues to tell everyone to stay away from each other. Self governance is key and one must hold one's self accountable. Therefore, enjoy the greeting of hand shakes again but make sure to cleanse one's self with Akae Beka Elixir.

A special mixture of essential oils, created in the mountains of Trinidad and Tobago by one of the elder RasTafari members of the NyaHbinghi Order. (He can be seen in a snippet of the music video on Youtube - Land of T & T. Can you guess who he is?) The name of the oil is Ethiopia 2000 Flowers, there is no other like it on Earth, as his oils are derived from Ethiopia itself.

The elixir is also blessed by JudaH himself. May this elixir keep you and your family protected. May it guide you closer to JaH and to be more trusting of his ever knowing and infinite love.

Get yours NOW at, no www is needed.

Take a picture of the QR Code and see what adventures await.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and continually putting your faith in The Most High. 🦁✊🏽💚💛❤

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