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LoJ Rolling Papers at JahVa Coffe Lounge

Some more amazing news to share with those who do enjoy good things. If you are in the St.Pete Beach area, stop by @jahvacoffeelounge as they are the ONLY place near St.Pete Beach that sells Official Lion of JudaH Organic Hemp Rolling Papers #MadeInFrance.

There is no other place in #StPeteBeach that true reggae music lovers can enjoy a CBD infused coffee or tea while rocking back on one of their comfy couches listening to some good reggae music.

Angela and Edwin @grabert84 have created an excellent space that hold many different delicious delights. Even energetically.

They truly conquered the mountains of roadblocks that kept occurring in the process of this creation, yet in the end, they never gave up. Even with a plan-demic occurring, they are blessed with great patronage from loyal customers.

As #Babylon continues to play with the minds of the innocent and blind, RasTafari continues to manipulate time.

So in celebration of life, friendship, family and fun. (Something people are forgetting.)

This SATURDAY, 11th July 2020, 10:00am - 2:00pm @XiXgon will be running some serious roots and culture plus a plethora of authentic Caribbean music for those who just wanna rock back and vibe.

Who knows?

JudaH, might even bring out the #KalonjiTar and give a live performance, it's going to be a day of high vibrations, irations, iditations and all the CBD infused beverages, bowls and baristas in the JahVa nation. #MoreJahVa

Swing by, come hail the I, the vibes are going to be high in the sky, where we belong. Happy and free with RasTafari. Blessed Love 🦁✊🏽💚💛❤

#LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #AllShallBeRevealedin2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #RasTafariLives #LionofJudaHOriginals #BeachBummersFL #RohshanArt

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