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LoJ Rolling Papers at Urban Roots

When people have a vision and a dream, only those who step foot in the direction of their own thoughts prove to be successful in their endeavors. Though many will deny them the help and assistance in bringing the thought into reality. There are those who know the work it takes and a simple gesture of appreciation and encouragement goes a long way.

People who are eager and willing to help, already know the work it entails to become self reliant and independent of the system.

Help your neighbor and treat them as a brother and sister. In doing so, the world automatically shifts into a better place.

Deny another's greatness and put energy into causing road blocks in their way, well JaH shall smite thee down if one decides to do wrong. #SitDownSerpent #TheDevilIsNotWelcomehYah

If you are in Tampa, Fl and you love gardening and farming, then it would be wise to take a visit to my favourite garden supply store in Tampa Bay. Check them out on FB and IG @urbanrootstampa or

To make things even better, they have started carrying the Official Lion of JudaH Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. For all your gardening and farming needs, there is no better in the city than the personal care you receive from Zach and Bianca.

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