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Culture Fest at Queen of Sheba

People love to message me the two words "Fake News". I am going to set the record straight once and for all, so maybe this will alleviate the ego from interfering in "Worldly Matters". I am not local. Nothing that I post is fake, for I research the root of the truth and gather from ALL sources, different perspectives and use the scientific method to discover why would someone say what they say. I already understand why one would say "Fake News" due to the fact that they have been indoctrinated into a system of certain perspectives and perception of reality without ever questioning WHY, WHERE, WHAT, WHEN, HOW AND WHO they received their information from. In the first stages of my original awakening, (mind you this was YEARS AGO). I discovered the truth of this Earthly realm and I started to seek answers beyond those provided from tertiary educational institutions to make sense of what was shown to me. I lost 99% of my close friends, I lost people I loved more than I loved myself(co-dependency), I lost family members(expectations from others), I was excommunicated, shunned, spoken down to(fear based opposition), attempted to be humiliated and embarrassed and even physically attacked and threatened. #SitDownSerpent I was kicked to the curb and segregated from society and in the process, I became the HAPPIEST man alive. For JaH stepped in and took away all the back stabbers, as he showed me their truths. Their actions and voices were heard and seen beyond the veil of belief. I battled with the mind and heart between reality and illusion. JaH kept me strong because I was still at peace internally beyond the egoical program that was indoctrinated into iSelf from lifetimes of repeated cycles. The unconditional love that reigned supreme was able to conquer the evil that was set forth upon me as I still hold love for all the enemies that have been created due to the process of #SteppingOuttaBabylon I shared all the information that I was able to prove true beyond a reasonable doubt, to make sure everyone sees the truth and to equal the playing field for all. I sacrificed my image to speak truth and sadly, not all can handle the truth. #LionofJudahTruth #ILoveu

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