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Another Day With Beach Bummers FL

Just another day here on Earth with @beach_bummers_fl , where everyday is an adventure. No day is the same, every day brings more joy with more truth.

As the Sun was setting on the #SummerSolstice of 2020, the vibes were high and energy calmed. What started out as a film day for some promotional content, ended with freestyles by @k.l.iii @a_bambin0 and the Kalonji-Tar played by @chrisgalt

These moments are possible in time due to many different factors and choices that are decided upon by each individual that had a part to play in this moment of now history. #JahDohSleep #GrandDesign

It is always wise to make sure and be in the present moment when surrounded by intelligence, talent and love. For opportunity is always knocking but it takes a keen eye and aware mind for one to truly see it. It also takes courage in the face of fear to act upon it. It takes calmness and knowing of the soul to flow with it. Many different perspectives in this life bring different realities to each and every individual. So many believe they are in control of their reality when all must happen in a certain manner before one is granted passage onto the next level. Battles must be fought and dragons must be defeated. Lessons learned and intuition trusted. One may ask, when does it stop? It stops when one overstands, outside of original understanding and decides to battle the root cause and issue. #SelfManifestations of words, sound and power. Be careful what one speaks and says, for it surely will become reality.

A new life is but ONE thought away, make sure that thought is not based on illusions but rather honest truth and deep knowing of thyself. #BlessedLove #RasTafariLives #LionofJudahTruth #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #AllShallBeRevealedIn2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #TruthBeKnown #TruthBeShown #TheTruthWillSetYouFree

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