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Story of Crystals

Each one has a story and each one has a purpose. One must always remember, many of these crystals grow themselves within the Earth. Each of these are minuscule pieces of a grander body. A chip of something greater than itself, yet in its own form, it is magikal and shines its own light. For it cannot see itself, yet it knows itself to be what it is. #Truth For crystals house a form of consciousness, not as hu-man consciousness but without any doubt, a form of consciousness that is beyond comprehension of the average man. Since this babylonian plan-demic has taken place, many smaller businesses have had to close their doors. Many of my crystal caves no longer serve the public and it has been a journey thus far sourcing crystals for the loyal clientele that continue to support the cause. When one door closes and is fully let go, many more open and it allows the energy to flow. Trust in the process but make sure one's best foot is always put forward. Always living in truth, speaking truth and being truth. For there are those who have made a fortune with the demise of small business and there are those who have stood strong due to the help of community. The time is coming when all will separate and form their own Tribe and family. Tribal warfare will be inevitable as many walk away from the Babylonian system of confusion. Many would not have learned the truth, yet stick to their own cognitive dissonance and ignorance. Nation will fight against nation, father against son and mother against daughter. Only the true warriors of JaH will succeed in the next coming stages of this New Earth. For those who have eyes shall see and ears shall hear. So it would be wise to know this truth. #LionTribeofJudaH and #SisterhoodOfTheRose stand firm with The Most High YHWH and no form of wicked and evil shall ever prosper. Know that ALL who have been gifted a crystal from the I serves as a bond and connection into the future. Communicate with them when in doubt and one may discover, they are capable of communicating right back. #TogetherWeAspire #TogetherWeAchieve #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #NoFalseIdols #SatanGoingDown #SitDownSerpent #TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHyah

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